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This month...

RIVER GREAT OUSE - day paddle
Sunday 19 July 2020
Contact Pete Bradshaw

The original plan was to run this trip from Kempston to Great Barford, which is always well attended, but due to the Covid-19 situation I have had to do a re-think on this year's run.

If you are interested, I have two options both will start at New Road Great Barford (MK45 3LF). Parking is on the road from the Anchor pub (please do not use their car park) going out and past the church.

Option 1, this will be just an out and back from Great Barford. This is a very peaceful run, one wear to portage around, usually shootable on the way back - with care. If you are keen, you might reach a 2nd weir, this is NOT shootable on the way back.

Option 2, this will involve car sharing. With the recent relaxation of the one metre rule by wearing masks, opening car windows, I am confident that two people could share a car, to drive from Great Barford to Kempston, and again do the same at the end. If you are interested in this option, you should bring some form of face mask to be worn during the car journey. You will need to keep in the same pairs for both car journeys. There are four weirs on this route, two must be portaged, the other two are shootable with care.

I appreciate not everyone would like to do option 2, so we may end up with some starting off from Great Barford on the river, and in theory we should meet up somewhere!    

For those choosing option 2, this is a 10 mile trip suitable for all types of craft, but there are four portages, two may be shootable dependant on river conditions and type of craft and level of confidence! 

There are no toilet facilities at the start or en-route but lots of bushes!

If you are intending to be joining me on this trip, could you please let me have both your Camping & Caravan and BC membership numbers, also a mobile phone number (just in case!) in advance of the trip. It would be helpful if you could let me know which option you would prefer. As we are restricted to a maximum group of six, splitting the run into the two options should work okay.

As well as bringing a packed lunch and refreshments and helmet if you want to shot the weirs, please remember to bring hand sanitiser and a face mask if you plan on option 2. 


Location Great Barford
Organiser - David Turner
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Home telephone number 01525 752588 (evenings and weekends)

Mobile 07961 963 467