Guidelines for the appointment of Run Leaders and Instructors

“Events” means those organised by/on behalf of the Club and listed on the published annual programme, and publicised within and outside the Canoe-Camping Club and the Camping & Caravanning Club.

  1. Group Committees, who comprise persons with knowledge of the individuals concerned, the local waters and the type of trips to be organised, are empowered by the National Committee to appoint leaders and to accept or decline offers to lead;
  2. A leader should be competent for the canoeing activity concerned;
  3. A competent leader is an individual who has effectively and consistently demonstrated expertise and ability over a period of years;
  4. A Run Leader should be familiar with the water to be paddled, under the conditions likely to be encountered on the date proposed;
  5. A Run Leader should be competent to judge when the planned trip should be abandoned or shortened, and if any canoeists wishing to take part are not adequately experienced or equipped. The National Committee authorises Run Leaders to exercise their judgement in these matters;
  6. For some categories of water BCU qualifications are preferred or essential, as follows.
    • For placid inland water, canals, river navigations in normal conditions: a competent person with suitable experience may lead. BCU qualifications are not necessary;
    • For rivers of grade 2 and above, any river in spate, surfing, sea (coastal) waters: suitable experience is essential and appropriate BCU qualifications are normally required;
    • For any training activities: a BCU recognised Instructor grade is always required to be in charge.
  7. Run Leaders and organisers shall be given copies of the Club Policy, Information and Canoeing Safety Guide plus the following:
    • Guidelines for Run Leaders and Organisers;
    • Guidelines for inviting other organisations on Canoe-Camping Club events;
    • Supplies of C-CC event signature form, BCU Event Form and Code of Practice, and C-CC Young Persons Permission form;
  8. Group Committees shall provide a list of appointed Run Leaders and Instructors to the National Committee of the Canoe-Camping Club so that their names may be formally recorded. Additional names should be advised to the National Committee at the time of appointment and any other updates to the list provided annually e.g. following the Group AGM;
  9. The National Committee is prepared to endorse those who are competent to lead by virtue of long and varied experience or who have a recognised qualification e.g. BCU Canoe Safety Test plus sufficient experience. Furthermore, the Club welcomes those who are keen to become run leaders and are willing to learn on the job, and also encourages leaders to gain appropriate qualifications and is prepared to organise suitable training opportunities and to assist with training fees.