Chertsey Youth Meet - September 2011

by Vereley Jefford

A short but speedy weekend meet at Chertsey consisted of the whirling heights and stomach dropping loops of Thorpe Park, considered one of the most exciting theme parks.

Most of the youth ventured out, in search for thrills, and indeed we found plenty! We braved Nemesis, feet dangling nervously into open, speeding space; we survived Saw, taking the plunge into a hole of darkness; we dared the dark, broken rooms of the Saw Maze, where its prisoners made themselves known, as we shuffled our way through. Tidal Wave was a splash of more fun, yet we never predicted how big a splash it would really be! When our car was brought down to earth, water flooded down on us, and when we thought it would surely stop, we were wrong, and it continued to soak us, being one of the wettest water rides ever to exist!

There was one ride, however, that seemed to shake some of us to the core, and I’m not talking about Stealth which was so surprisingly fast as it zoomed miles into the air that it was exhilarating! Flying Fish was the ride that intrigued some of our members, so much that it became the rave of the weekend! And for those of you who don’t know, they were fighting their way to the front of the queue against the target audience of ten and under!

Everybody involved had a brilliant time, from the younger ones to the older ones. The queues, expected to be tediously long, were surprisingly short and when the park became busier and the queues lengthened, having friends beside you made the time fly by, almost as fast as Stealth! (Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration!)

Back at camp, exhausted as we were from screaming our voices raw, we joined a short paddle up the River Thames, from the campsite that we discovered had an inquisitive fox. Along the way we joined David Walliams, famous for his part in the hit comedy ‘Little Britain’, and gave support as he persevered in his sponsored swim for Sport Relief . We even made it into some of his pictures (and his Twitter feed) that they were taking from the speed boat!

Of course we again appreciate all the organisation from the club, the arranging of the mini bus which took us to the park, the guidance of our friendly Youth Leaders and most of all, the taxi of our parents!