As a section of the Camping and Caravanning Club, all our camping events are open to Camping and Caravanning Club members (including Canoe-camping Club members) only. Anyone participating must be a member of the Camping and Caravanning Club before attending a meet.
Canoeing and kayaking are ‘assumed risk’ ‘water contact’ activities, however serious accidents are very rare.
Participants should be aware of and accept these risks, and be responsible for their own action and involvement.
All participants in club trips or meets do so at their own risk, and neither the Club nor its officers can accept any liability for loss or injury of any kind sustained whilst on a Club trip, meet or other activity.

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If no other contact is shown for an event, please get in touch with a local Coordinator for further information

09 May 2021
  • Sunday 09 May 2021 -   LANCASTER CANAL - Lancaster ¦ Dee and North West, DNW Day Trips 

16 May 2021
28 May 2021
29 May 2021
01 June 2021
12 June 2021
13 June 2021
  • Sunday 13 June 2021 -   RIVER ARUN - ¦ Thames and SouthEast, TSE Day Trips 

19 June 2021
27 June 2021