Canoe-Camping Youth

The Youth Section is aimed at young people between the ages of 12-21.

Membership of Camping Club Youth is free and entitles youngsters to their own membership card displaying their section membership (The Canoe-camping Club).  If you would like to join, download an application form here.

The Camping Club Youth section (or C.C.Y.) aims to promote enjoyment of camping by providing a positive and fun experience, to camp apart from your parents in an area dedicated to the youth section, where C.R.B. checked Youth Leaders, whilst not being “baby sitters”, will give their time to set in place some activities for you. They also will give training to help you to develop your camping skills which can lead towards the taking of the C.C.Y. camping test.

The Camping & Caravanning Club holds an annual Youth Rally which all Youth Members are eligible to attend.

The Youth Test involves

  • * choosing a suitable camp site
  • * tent erection
  • * cooking and maintaining a healthy balanced diet
  • * map reading and using a compass for navigation
  • * basic First Aid
  • * packing of kit
  • * knowledge of the Countryside Code

Once passed, at the age of 14-21 the Youth Member may then camp unaccompanied on all Club Sites at Children’s rates (upon production of a valid test certificate), attend International Youth Rallies and remain in the Youth Section until they are 21. It will also entitle them to a discounted Senior Youth membership rate when they reach 21 which is available until they are 30.

All Youth Leaders, assistants and tester are accredited by the Camping & Caravanning Club and have been vetted through the criminal records bureau. They also carry Camping & Caravanning Club endorsed photo identification.