The Canoe-Camping Club and Young People

The Canoe-Camping Club wishes to welcome young people as members. The Club will provide leadership on the water by persons deemed by the Club to be appropriately qualified, either by British Canoe Union qualification, or by experience, or both. Instruction is provided by BCU qualified personnel.

Whilst camping:

  • All children under the age of 8 must at all times be under the immediate supervision of or in the direct charge of a parent, relative, or person to whom the parent has delegated authority in writing, as the Club cannot take any responsibility for them.
  • Children aged 8 – 18 must also be accompanied by a responsible adult with whom they must camp (unless they are a member of the CCY who has passed their Youth Test)

Whilst canoeing:

  • The Club does not allow under 8s on the water unless they are in the direct charge of their parents or person with delegated responsibility. The Club does not organise canoeing or afloat activities for unaccompanied children under 8 years of age.
  • The Club requires parents to sign a form giving consent for young persons aged 8 -18 to take part in canoeing and activities afloat organised by the Club. On a run (journey) each young person must be accompanied on the water by a responsible adult.
  • In all circumstances the Instructor/Leader on the day is authorised by the National Committee to have the final decision as to whether any young person may take part in any event.

The Children Act 1989:

  • The Club does not provide day care as defined in the Children Act 1989 since, as indicated in 2 and 4 above, it does not take on responsibility for children under the age of 8