Sanitation and waste water


You need to know

  • * toilet fluids contain poisonous chemicals such as formaldehyde
  • * where to empty chemical loos on campsites (Elsan points, loo pits)
  • * permission must be sought before digging any holes
  • * any sanitation hole needs to be well away from water courses, and a minimum of 20cm deep at least 20cm of soil should be filled in the hole, and the area should then be marked to show 'foul ground

Waste water

You need to show that you have thought about

  • * how to carry washing up liquid (e.g. in a small bottle previously used for handgel)
  • * what to wash up in (e.g. old ice cream tub, sandwich box, collapsible bowl)
  • * how to dispose of washing up water - strain any solids out and put them in your refuse, then disperse the water in a hedgerow.  (not into or near a watercourse)